by Emmaleigh Permenter

There is a sacred duty to a student just as there is a sacred duty that any individual must carry out according to their purpose. Rama’s duty in the Ramayana is first to his father which is an extension of his future role in the kingdom. Sita’s duty is first to her husband, which also extends to the duty she must serve in the future to the kingdom. The idea that a sacred duty is directed towards one individual and therefore extends towards many individuals is essential to the concept of dharma. Thus as a student my duty is first to my teachers; to respect their class and learn from them as much as possible. This responsibility then extends to my peers; to not cheat from them and to help them as it is needed. My sacred duty as a student is finally complete when I serve my community with the knowledge I have gained from my university. My community is supporting me as a student because Columbus State University is a state funded school. I have been tutored by upperclassmen that have walked the path before me and are serving to help me in my role as a student. My teachers are attentive and helpful, sharing the knowledge they have received. The role of dharma is complete when I give back to and serve those who are helping me in my pursuit as a good student. This is the sacred duty of a student; to give back to those who are guiding me every day to receive a higher education.